Tatting Break

I’ve been incredibly silent since the Christmas posts, but for a reason; I’ve started a knitting project and taken a short break from tatting!

After knocking out so many tatting projects in a row, I really got the urge to knit something. The fact that I haven’t really knitted anything for a few years (!!!) didn’t help.

Having said that, I finally caved and created a Ravelry account. You can follow my project progress there!

I have all the materials for the earrings now, so I do plan to start them relatively soon, probably next month. However, I still have very little idea what my county fair project will actually be. I had thought I’d use some Omega thread, which I’d never tried before, but when I actually looked at it after receiving it I’m not sure the plies and twist are resilient enough for tatting. In all honesty it seems like the plies and twist are too loose, not twisted tightly enough, so it makes the actual thread seem thinner and not as strong. Can anyone confirm if size 50 Omega works for tatting, or does it fuzz up like mad and break?

Project Progress

Checking my stats it appears that some people were anxious to see the Christmas gift projects!

Here are the ‘Quantiesque’ Snowflakes, made with size 40 Olympus, color 22b. I was having problems trying to tat them into the metal rings the way I had envisioned, so I starched them and gave them like this. They measure approximately 3 1/2 inches across.

Here is the big project, the Maple Leaf Doily. Again, this was based off of Tammy Rodgers’ maple leaf motif, tatted in Perfect Quilter #091 Fall Leaves. As you can see, adding the frilly rows would have made it a tight fit in the frame; it came out to around 7 1/2 inches across. I would still like to tat this using five or six motifs and one in the center, now that I have a much better idea what join points create what shape.

And no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you; I suspended it in a double-glass frame.

As far as planned projects go, I have a pair of earrings I’m basing off of an edging from Tatting with Visual Patterns, and I need to decide on a doily to attempt for the county fair next summer. In the past I have entered tatting into the state fair, but a few months ago I checked the current regulations book and found that there are no tatting categories currently. The only category available is a lumped together kitted-crochet-tatted table linens division (specifically, table runners or sets of placemats, and no, no other lacework, such as bobbin lace, has a division). That drove me to check for county fair options, and sure enough my county’s fair has a tatting division with six classes (three of which I am eligible for, the other three being age-restricted). I have a few options I’m looking at, but they are all larger pieces.

Project Progress

Blocking the snowflakes. I am cutting it very close for Christmas gifts, but I am a semi-professional procrastinator.

Project Progress

Last night I made the eighth leaf motif.

As you can see, the leaf ring, the core of my doily, is now complete. I had originally wanted to somehow suspend a leaf motif in the center with long picots, but around the time I was working on the seventh motif I abandoned that idea for a row (or two) of some sort of ruffles around the inside edge, very similar to what I’ve planned to do around the outside edge.

Quite the interesting project this has turned out to be. Perhaps someday I will design something entirely from scratch.

Current Project: Quantiesque Snowflakes

This is the first of two ‘Quantiesque’ Snowflakes that I am making as gifts. They will eventually be “framed” in metal rings, which I am going to tat around the edge of to hide the metal.

I am working these in size 40 Olympus (which is a US size 20-30, something larger than an actual size 40 for sure), color 22b.

Project Progress

Two weeks ago exactly I stated that I was almost finished with motif four.

Now I am starting motif seven and the shape of the doily is becoming much clearer. It is looking like I will indeed use eight motifs, but if that doesn’t quite work I’ll use nine.

As I mentioned before, getting my little space heater has made a world of a difference. I have a small fan-and-coil model that I can move around my desk area as needed, and if my hands start to get cold it only takes a few minutes for them to feel better.

The other thing that has helped is Netflix.

I’ve had my account on hold for well over a year because I haven’t wanted to watch very many movies or DVDs, but someone tipped me off to the fact that Star Trek is available on instant streaming, including Voyager, which happens to be my favorite (I’m gonna make some Trekkies angry with that, I know). Being that I am a huge nerd, I’ve been watching episode after episode and tatting while I do so. I almost *have* to multitask with my crafts or my brain gets bored, so it’s been a lovely week.

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