Project Progress

Two weeks ago exactly I stated that I was almost finished with motif four.

Now I am starting motif seven and the shape of the doily is becoming much clearer. It is looking like I will indeed use eight motifs, but if that doesn’t quite work I’ll use nine.

As I mentioned before, getting my little space heater has made a world of a difference. I have a small fan-and-coil model that I can move around my desk area as needed, and if my hands start to get cold it only takes a few minutes for them to feel better.

The other thing that has helped is Netflix.

I’ve had my account on hold for well over a year because I haven’t wanted to watch very many movies or DVDs, but someone tipped me off to the fact that Star Trek is available on instant streaming, including Voyager, which happens to be my favorite (I’m gonna make some Trekkies angry with that, I know). Being that I am a huge nerd, I’ve been watching episode after episode and tatting while I do so. I almost *have* to multitask with my crafts or my brain gets bored, so it’s been a lovely week.


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