Project Progress

Checking my stats it appears that some people were anxious to see the Christmas gift projects!

Here are the ‘Quantiesque’ Snowflakes, made with size 40 Olympus, color 22b. I was having problems trying to tat them into the metal rings the way I had envisioned, so I starched them and gave them like this. They measure approximately 3 1/2 inches across.

Here is the big project, the Maple Leaf Doily. Again, this was based off of Tammy Rodgers’ maple leaf motif, tatted in Perfect Quilter #091 Fall Leaves. As you can see, adding the frilly rows would have made it a tight fit in the frame; it came out to around 7 1/2 inches across. I would still like to tat this using five or six motifs and one in the center, now that I have a much better idea what join points create what shape.

And no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you; I suspended it in a double-glass frame.

As far as planned projects go, I have a pair of earrings I’m basing off of an edging from Tatting with Visual Patterns, and I need to decide on a doily to attempt for the county fair next summer. In the past I have entered tatting into the state fair, but a few months ago I checked the current regulations book and found that there are no tatting categories currently. The only category available is a lumped together kitted-crochet-tatted table linens division (specifically, table runners or sets of placemats, and no, no other lacework, such as bobbin lace, has a division). That drove me to check for county fair options, and sure enough my county’s fair has a tatting division with six classes (three of which I am eligible for, the other three being age-restricted). I have a few options I’m looking at, but they are all larger pieces.


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