Tatting Break

I’ve been incredibly silent since the Christmas posts, but for a reason; I’ve started a knitting project and taken a short break from tatting!

After knocking out so many tatting projects in a row, I really got the urge to knit something. The fact that I haven’t really knitted anything for a few years (!!!) didn’t help.

Having said that, I finally caved and created a Ravelry account. You can follow my project progress there!

I have all the materials for the earrings now, so I do plan to start them relatively soon, probably next month. However, I still have very little idea what my county fair project will actually be. I had thought I’d use some Omega thread, which I’d never tried before, but when I actually looked at it after receiving it I’m not sure the plies and twist are resilient enough for tatting. In all honesty it seems like the plies and twist are too loose, not twisted tightly enough, so it makes the actual thread seem thinner and not as strong. Can anyone confirm if size 50 Omega works for tatting, or does it fuzz up like mad and break?


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