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Tatting Break

I’ve been incredibly silent since the Christmas posts, but for a reason; I’ve started a knitting project and taken a short break from tatting!

After knocking out so many tatting projects in a row, I really got the urge to knit something. The fact that I haven’t really knitted anything for a few years (!!!) didn’t help.

Having said that, I finally caved and created a Ravelry account. You can follow my project progress there!

I have all the materials for the earrings now, so I do plan to start them relatively soon, probably next month. However, I still have very little idea what my county fair project will actually be. I had thought I’d use some Omega thread, which I’d never tried before, but when I actually looked at it after receiving it I’m not sure the plies and twist are resilient enough for tatting. In all honesty it seems like the plies and twist are too loose, not twisted tightly enough, so it makes the actual thread seem thinner and not as strong. Can anyone confirm if size 50 Omega works for tatting, or does it fuzz up like mad and break?


Thread Giveaway at Tatted Treasures

If you haven’t heard already, Tatted Treasures is holding an amazing giveaway, sponsored by Tatting Corner. What is the prize, you ask?

Thirteen balls of Lizbeth thread in your choice of size(s)!

Tatting Corner will pick the colors, but that means you’ll be surprised by what you get!

Head on over to the giveaway page to enter!

HBT Group

There’s not much going on this week due to the weather; it’s been a tad chilly (I wore my long johns under my pants on Monday morning) and I haven’t been able to keep my hands warm enough to stave off the stiffness in my fingers, especially in the evening when I’d like to be tatting while watching shows or movies. No tension when my hands are cold!

In other news, does anyone have any idea what’s going on with the Here Be Tatters Yahoo group? It was recommended that I check there for something by someone on InTatters, so I submitted my join request because the group is entirely private; you have to be a member to do or see anything.

That was over two weeks ago, on August 23rd. It still shows as pending when I visit the group page, and I haven’t received an email or been contacted at all. I’ll be honest, the group description starts off rather worrying:

22-08-08 HBT is back and will be coming under new Management.

I mean, the big news right on the front of the page being three years old makes it look like the group isn’t being actively kept up by the moderator.

My waiting over two weeks just to be approved or rejected for membership leaves two options; 1) the moderator’s got something serious going on in her life that takes her time and/or energy, or 2) she’s more or less abandoned the group. At this point my snarky side’s taken over and I don’t care if my membership gets approved, because groups generally get out of hand when they are not monitored by someone, no matter what platform they’re hosted on. I would like to know if anyone has a clue what’s going on, though, to satisfy my curiosity, and also so that I can warn others if the moderator has indeed abandoned the group.