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New Supplies!

Yesterday I received my first tatting supplies purchase in years.

Lizbeth size 40 thread in Peacock Blues and Niagra Falls, Perfect Quilter in Pansies, some Best Press (I needed something for stiffening), and two Lacis shuttles (the only shuttles I’ve ever used are the little pastel Clovers; these are bigger).

I got these from DS9Designs. Typically I’ve ordered my tatting stuff from Handy Hands, but DS9 has some things that HH doesn’t carry, like Perfect Quilter. My first order from them went smoothly, shipped via Priority and arrived within a week, even with my ordering on the weekend, so I’ll likely be a repeat customer.

(Note: totally unrelated, but every time I see DS9, the Trekkie in me is momentarily confused.)


Destash: Thread Sale

All prices are in USD. Credit cards and funds transfers accepted through PayPal only (no E-checks, please). I am charging exact cost for shipping, so please comment for a quote. I am in the US, but I’m willing to ship internationally.

Hand-dyed cotton, US size 30, by Kreative Kitties. Hanks are being sold in pairs and are of an unknown length.

  1. Color is called “Orange Grove:” tangerine orange, lemon yellow, and a splash of lime. $4 for the pair
  2. Oranges, golds, yellows, and a touch of light pink. $4 for the pair
  3. Pinks and pale yellows. $4 for the pair

  1. DMC Cordonnet cotton size 40, color 745, discontinued. New ball. $4
  2. DMC Cordonnet cotton size 40, color 3326, discontinued. New ball. $4
  3. DMC Cordonnet cotton size 40, color 210, discontinued. New ball. $4
  4. DMC Cordonnet cotton size 40, color 799, discontinued. Partial ball. $3
  5. Turkish Altin Basak cotton size 50 (US size 30), color 376, discontinued. Partial ball. $3
  6. HH Flora cotton size 50, color 589, discontinued. New ball. $4

Handpainted threads made by myself. All are unique; I do hanks one at a time, rather than splitting a batch into multiple hanks. These should be washed very gently.

  1. DMC Perle cotton #8 (US size 20), 90+ yards. Cornflower blue, magenta, pinks, and a little purple. This one has light streaks where one side of the thread absorbed dye way better, but it gives the thread character. $4
  2. DMC tatting cotton size 80, approximately 100 yards. Magenta, teal, and a touch of purple. $4.50
  3. DMC Cebelia cotton size 30, approximately 90 yards. Magenta and pinks with a little red, orange, and gold. $4
  4. DMC Perle cotton #12 (US size 40), approximately 140 yards. Hot flamingo pink, orange, and gold. $5.50
  5. DMC Perle cotton #12 (US size 40), approximately 140 yards. Lime greens and blues. $5.50

Thread Stash

This is what my thread stash looks like currently. I will be listing some of these for sale very soon, though, so I can purchase a few new threads.

These are all different DMC cotton threads I hand-dyed myself.
Row 1: Perle size 8 (US size 20), tatting size 80, Cebelia size 30, Cordonnet size 40, Cordonnet size 50, Perle size 12 (US size 40).
Row 2: Perle size 12 (US size 40), Cebelia size 30, Cordonnet size 50 (top), Perle size 12 (US size 40, bottom).

Hand-dyed size 30 cotton hanks by Kreative Kitties. At the time I purchased these, they were an eBay seller, but I have no idea if they're still around because I bought them 7-8 years ago.

Perfect Quilter 17 wt. quilting thread by Superior Threads. It is my understanding that this line is slowly being discontinued, which is a shame because it’s quite nice for tatting. From left to right, 091 Fall Leaves, 063 Navajo (received in a thread exchange years ago, that’s how I found out about it), and 083 Summer Sky.

Handy Hands Flora cotton, size 50. Size 50 has been discontinued altogether, though sizes 10 and 20 are still available. I like this thread a lot, it has a very nice hand, and I only found out about it through a thread exchange just before it was discontinued.
Row 1: 535, 580, 555, 544, 589.
Row 2: 539, 13, 589, 58.
Row 3: 18, 590, 588, 558, 557.

Altin Basak size 50 cotton from Turkey (US size 30). People tend to be very opinionated about Altin Basak from what I’ve seen, and many people don’t like it. Personally, I think it’s a good thread, but I certainly have better at my disposal. Another common Turkish thread is Oren Bayan, and, in fact, you can often find it being sold with Altin Basak or as Altin Basak. To be blunt, however, I do not like it at all and find the quality to be quite poor.
Row 1: 363, 3001, 381.
Row 2: 380 (discontinued), 379, 376 (discontinued).

DMC Cordonnet cotton, size 40. DMC continued most of the Cordonnet line years ago; you can only get it in white and ecru now. I have my speculations as to why, but it boils down to crocheters being a much bigger market than tatters.
Row 1: 955, 3326, 800.
Row 2: 745, 210, 799.

Japanese Olympus crochet cotton, size 40 (approximately US size 20-30) in color 22B. Back when Olympus first became available in the US I heard many rave reviews for this thread, but so far my balls have (obviously) gone untouched. I think I received a sample in a thread exchange that I used, perhaps it was yellow, but I’ve just never gotten around to finding a project that grabbed me. Also, the balls are only about 99 yards and cost upwards of $5 apiece, making them very uneconomical.