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Tip: Taking Your Tatting Along

I’ve seen some lovely tatting pouches and bags available for purchase, as well as designs people have made themselves. While I admire them, my fear is they won’t hold up for me; I tend to stuff a lot of stuff into my everyday bag, partially due to my taking public transportation and needing to be prepared for things that may arise while I am between destinations. I’m not especially gentle with things (I use a messenger bag instead of a purse, if that’s any indication) and needed something that was a bit more durable than a soft-sided cloth pouch.

This is where I became resourceful and reused something that would have wound up in the trash in the process.

Mine is a 7 ounce plastic tub from bagel spread and as you can see, a ball of thread easily fits inside with room to spare. Room enough for two shuttles and that doily I’m working on currently, in fact, but it’s only 2 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide, plenty small to take with me every day.

It’s a great idea, but I did something that makes it even better.

I took a small hole punch to the side of the tub (1/16 inch, and as you can see I need to clean it up a little bit) to run the ball thread out of. This keeps my ball from falling apart as it unwinds, or from running away from me. Better yet? I can leave it inside of my bag, leave the zipper partway open, and use the ball thread without having to resort to something like a danging ball holder on my wrist. And if you have cats or other nosy pets, it can help keep your ball protected from their antics.

Have a tub with a nicely-sealing lid from margarine spread, dip, or yogurt lying around? Wash it and try it out!