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InTatters September Thread Exchange

After some trouble with USPS due to Registered Mail regulations (completely on USPS’s end), I received my fifth and final exchange sample yesterday!

Yoyaespi sent some lovely threads that look like HTD and, if I’m understanding the Spanish correctly, a shuttle that her husband made. I’ve never tried a slotted shuttle like that, so it will be interesting to see how I like it!


InTatters September Thread Exchange

I received my third and fourth exchange samples yesterday!

Swissgirl sent me a lovely postcard featuring photos of Switzerland (I think I may have to put a trip there on my bucket list) sand samples of Finca #8 in color 9060, a yellow-white variegate, and Altin Basak #50 (US size 30) in color 319. The Finca looks like a pearl cotton, and Altin Basak is something I’m familiar with though I have some sort of fear of pinks so I never would’ve purchased this color myself.

Marie N sent me a card with an adorable baby seal on the front, some ephemera (which I can actually add to my small collection used for crafts), and samples of size 70 Coats & Clark tatting and crochet thread in color 15, a pink-white variegate, and size 60 J&P Coats tatting and crochet thread in color 123, a dusty peach. I’m excited to try both of these; they’re vintage and pretty hard to find, I think, plus they’re in my size range (I stick between 30 and 70 US with a preference for 40-60).

InTatters September Thread Exchange

I received my second sample this past weekend, from Judy!

She sent me two thread samples (the requirement is 10 yards of one thread, but I sent two 10-yard samples to each of my partners); one is Lizbeth size 20 cotton in color 142 (Turquoise Twist), and the other is a thread called Sissy 20 in color 317. Judy tells me it is an Austrian thread, which explains why I’ve never heard of it!

InTatters September Thread Exchange

I received my first sample, from ankebuxte in Germany!

She sent this lovely card with some small tatted motifs made with the same thread she sent (the top one is Reflection by Mary Konior). The thread is Anchor Aida in color 08150, a deep navy blue. It is size 10 and is 6-ply, but a sort of braided cord versus a normal twisted thread.

I’m waiting on four more samples as I signed up for five partners. It’s been years since I’ve done a thread exchange, so I’m excited!